Sumba Photo Stories – Toilets, Sanitation
CATEGORIES: Education & access to school | Innovative programs
TAGS: #defineneeds | #ruralareas | #sanitation | #sumbaphotostories
EXPLANATIONS AND DESCRIPTIONS: "Show me how you live, so I'll do what I can to give you a healthier life" In this photographic project, Kawan Baik and Fair Future invited 30 children from two villages: Lapinu and Kamangghi, in East Sumba. These children aged 10 to 12 were the masterminds of this project, its soul. We gave them cameras, and after being trained for several days by our teams, they were free to take pictures of their environment, thanks to our technical advice and our concept. These images, which could be described as "innocent", show us how great the needs of families are: in terms of access to medical care, clean water, sanitary solutions, food in quantity and healthy... From then on, the implementation of adapted solutions is simpler. The children showed us who and who they needed, without really realizing it. Other direct beneficiaries: The local guide, the local trainer, the teachers, the local village children, and the local population involved in our programs. All get new information about the society, culture, education, and health in Sumba, especially in the two villages mentioned above, through social media and websites of Kawan Baik Indonesia Foundation and Fair Future Foundation, along with other supporting partners, amounting to thousands of people.