Invasion of grasshoppers and other pests
CATEGORIES: Economic impact | Natural Disaster Relief
TAGS: #destruction | #foodshortage | #grasshoppers | #pests | #rumahkambera | #sumbatimur
Published the: Sunday 08 August 07 2022 - Images by Kawan Primus - Kawan Ino
EXPLANATIONS AND DESCRIPTIONS: In East Sumba, for several days now, grasshoppers have been destroying all crops, vegetable gardens, soybeans, and corn. For three years, it has come back regularly. During high population years, they feed and severely damage almost all crops, trees, shrubs, and vegetable gardens. We are in contact with the most affected populations who tell us how the fruit of their work, their fields But also their garden, are totally destroyed in a few minutes. The impact is enormous for these poor families since their income is not enough to buy food. Rice in particular is expensive, therefore corn harvests are very important and vital for families. A new trade is in the process of being born: The sale of grasshoppers by the kilo; this is in order to eat and be nourished. The price is IDR. 5,000,000.- per kilo, i.e. less than 50 cents.