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EXPLANATIONS AND DESCRIPTIONS: Fair Future and Kawan Baik Indonesia Foundations are changing the nature of water. Water connections are not just about giving water to an entire community! Water is defined by where we live and our needs. Between the modern world and the rural world, things are so different and the definition of water takes on another meaning. What do you need? What do they need? What do they really want? Through our actions, we respond to their real needs: to have clean water, to drink more, to eat better, to shower regularly, to grow vegetables, to germinate their seeds, and therefore to have a healthier, more harmonious life. . happier! The Fair Future and Kawan Baik foundations support an entire community of people around water, more than 220 families and 2,400 people, 70% of whom are children living in an extremely rural area Water in quality and quantity thanks to the #waterconnections project as part of #rebuildmbinudita.